The Door

The Door

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Comedy mentalism that is also suitable for children.
You show an A4 size picture of a door – explaining that it represents your hotel room. There is a sign hanging on it that says ‘Do Not Disturb’. You explain that the sign is to keep your female fans at bay, somehow, they keep finding your room number.

A lady from the audience is encouraged to act as a fan. She is given four cards with the numbers 1 to 8 on them. These she mixes and turns four numbers face upwards. The selected numbers are totalled together – let us say that they add up to eighteen. You take off the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to show the number on the door – it is number ‘18’. Surprise number one!

There is a second terrific surprise and a really big laugh when the other side of the door is shown– sorry, it is too good to give away here. You are just going to love performing this one.

In an alternative presentation, you can demonstrate how your wife can always find you with her own special kind of magic. The surprise behind the door is then doubly effective.

For Children: It’s the story of a little boy who sent a letter to Santa but forgot to write the number of his door. The children help Santa to find the right number by magic. At the finish, Santa makes his appearance – complete with his sack of toys.

The story can be told at any time of the year, so it is not just suitable for your Christmas shows.

Supplied are two sets of door cards; one for adults and the other for your children’s shows. You also receive the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and a ‘Santa Stop Here!’ sign, to conceal the door number, four cards, numbered on both sides from one to eight. All the cards supplied are nicely printed in colour & laminated for long life.

This truly is a magical bargain and it is all yours for incredibly low Mr. E price.

Only £17.05

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