Feather Duster Wand- Waiting for new stock

Feather Duster Wand- Waiting for new stock

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A superb comedy item for your children's and family performances. Ideal as a walkabout item or anywhere in your show!

Tickle your child helper as you "Dust them off".

Use this Silly Billy item as a running gag throughout your children's show or walkabout event.

An ordinary looking 9-inch Wand instantly changes into a feather duster! Tell your young assistant that, "All the people are looking at you so I had better dust you down!"
Change your wand instantly to a feather duster, and dust them off. Tickle them under their arm etc to everyone's amusement.

All the children will then want to be dusted down. Great fun, in fact children get giddy with anticipation of being dusted down by your magic wand!

Unlike other funny wand gags, you can repeat this one over and over again, and the children will enjoy it more and more.

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