Strange Exchange

Strange Exchange

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A ball of paper is tossed into the audience and a lady is selected in this way to come onto the stage.

The lady also tosses the paper ball into the audience where it is freely tossed around and in this manner several gentlemen are also selected.

Meanwhile the lady is given a large A4 laminated script that she will read from later. She is given the opportunity to quietly read the script.

Each of the gentlemen chooses a playing card, which they hide inside their pockets. The gentlemen do not look at the chosen cards and so nobody has any idea of the suit and value of the cards they hide.

The lady now passes the ball of paper to any of the gentlemen. You explain that as the lady reads out the script the gentleman will have a free choice of passing the paper ball on to the person on either side of them, left or right.

The lady reads the script out aloud and in an entertaining fun manner the paper ball is passed to and fro amongst the gentlemen – each deciding for themselves if they pass it to the person on their right or to their left. The script eliminates gentlemen in turn until only one remains this person is still holding the paper ball.

As each gentleman is eliminated they show their playing card to the audience – each is seen to have a different card.

This final gentleman now opens the ball of paper that has been in full view since the start of the routine & inside written in bold letters is the name of a single playing card. The gentleman takes the so far unseen card from his pocket & it exactly matches the name of the card that he has just read!

A fantastic and entertaining effect that is capable of many fun and entertaining variations. For example you can seal a high value banknote into an envelope, which is then mixed with envelopes containing pieces of newspaper.

Each gentleman chooses an envelope placing it into his pocket. Following the script the paper ball reads, ‘You have the banknote’ and the final gentleman does to everyone’s complete amazement.

Strange Exchange is very easy to do. Comes complete with laminated script and easy to understand instructions. Use your own cards.

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