Sign of the Zodiac

Sign of the Zodiac

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You show the twelve signs of the Zodiac each printed on a small laminated card.

Anyone indicates his Zodiac Sign and this card is isolated face upwards, upon the spectator’s hand. Immediately the full backs of the remaining eleven cards are shown, each one of them proves to have a blank back. These cards can be examined to their heart’s content.

The selected Zodiac Sign is turned over and seen to have the following words boldly printed on its back:'Your Zodiac Sign!'

Please note the following points:
*The effect is just as neat and direct as the above description.
*The lettering is underneath the lamination and cannot be wiped off.
*No double-sided sticky tape, no forcing & no counting!
*Absolutely no skill required, just minimum handling practice.

This superb effect comes complete with everything you need to perform it straight away. Zodiac style effects are very popular with lay people and this is one of the very best.

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