Mis-Matched Jumbo Prediction

Mis-Matched Jumbo Prediction

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Comedy predictions with surprise endings always go down well with any audience. This one is bound to please them every time!

Show your audience a number of blue backed Jumbo cards some faces upwards and the others face down. You now place a RED backed card face down as your prediction. Please note there is no exchange of the prediction card.

Any spectator gives you a number from 1 to 6 or a regular die can be freely thrown to decide on a number. The card at this number is removed and shown as you explain this should match the prediction card – BUT IT DOES NOT. You seem to have got the trick wrong.

All the other cards are now shown and none of them match your prediction either!

But you are a magician and not to be outdone if something seems to go wrong – a little magic spell and the chosen card now exactly matches the selected card in a most unexpected manner!

•Only ordinary jumbo cards are used; no fake or double printed cards
•No rough & smooth or other sticky stuff is involved
•No threads, wax or attachments to the jumbo cards or to yourself!
•No magnetic principles utilised
•No sleight of hand or secret moves. Very easy to do - learn it in minutes.
•Suitable for close-up, walkabout, cabaret, stage & television.

Comes complete with the seven Jumbo Size cards (colours may vary) & instructions.

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