Magic Carpet Mystery

Magic Carpet Mystery

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This is one of the most baffling effects using playing cards that you can present, it will even puzzle you how it works but it does every time.

It’s a delight for walkabout & close-up performances!
You show a number of Bicycle playing cards; some have red backs and the others blue backs.

These are shuffled together and then spread FACES UPWARDS for two of them to be selected by an audience member; there is no force.

These two cards are now mixed back into the packet which is then turned faces down. Spectators now turn cards over in the packet as many times as they wish, and also cutting the packet several times.

The cards are now laid out to form a carpet, some are faces upwards and others face down, some are showing red backs and others are showing blue backs making a very colourful and exciting display.

In an entertaining manner the spectators themselves have a free choice deciding how the ‘magic carpet’ is to be folded until the cards are all once again in one single pile & it is clear that the cards are well mixed and in a totally haphazard face up and face down order.

The cards are spread out to show all red backs with a single blue backed card among them which anyone can remove. Again the cards are spread out to show all the blue backed cards have a single red back among them which is also freely removed by a spectator.

The two freely chosen cards are now named and the two removed cards are turned faces upwards (no exchange) they prove to be the exact cards that were freely chosen by the spectators, the Magic Carpet has at last revealed its secrets!

All the cards can be freely examined as no fake cards are involved. Very easy to do requiring no skill or sleight of hand. You will love it!

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