Santa Crackers - Mre

Santa Crackers - Mre

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All children love Santa so you can perform this effect at any time of the year; you are not just limited to Christmas!

Everyone knows that Santa is always dressed in a red outfit so you can imagine the children’s reaction when you show him in a YELLOW costume. Never mind you will magically change his costume into the correct colour – only you don’t, for when you next show him he is dressed in GREEN and in any case the audience know you turned the picture around.

Never mind, you will try again – but still you fail, for now Santa is dressed in BLUE, another try and he is wearing YELLOW once again and still the children suspect that you are turning the picture around, in fact they insist you show them the opposite side.

Now the fun really starts as it becomes obvious that you are turning the picture any way but the correct one without showing its back.

Eventually the children shout the magic words, “Merry Christmas!” and you turn the picture around to show wonder of wonders there is Santa correctly dressed in his proper colour of RED allowing you to take your well deserved applause.

The trick is very puzzling as you have brought about four colour changes; Green, Blue, Yellow and then finally RED for your climax. The audience will swear that the card never left their sight and yet the colours changed four times!

Comes complete with A5 (140 x 210) laminated cards, special envelope, delightful routine & full instructions all ready for you to perform.

Santa Crackers is very easy to do as there are no flaps to manipulate; so you will be able to put it into your show straight away. It’s a winner all year around – not just at Christmas! 

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