Absolutely Impossible with Jumbo size playing cards

Absolutely Impossible with Jumbo size playing cards

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This is the perfect opening to your magic or mentalism show as you don’t have to leave the stage – nor does a participating spectator have to come forward or do anything, save simply to think of any one of the ten playing cards that you freely show to him or her. There is positively no force.

·First you immediately start to read the spectator’s mind and correctly reveal the card that they are merely thinking about.
·You then go on to prove that you were using ‘mind control’ by showing the backs of the cards to be all of one colour – while the participant’s freely thought of card is a totally different colour to the rest. This is so strong and visual that the audience will start to question if they truly do have free will!

Now please note the following points:
1.Only ten ordinary playing cards are used.
2.The selection is not forced or influenced.
3.No sticky glue, wax or tape is used.
4.The selected card can be handed immediately for examination.
5.No extra bits are added to the back of the card.
6.Can be used close-up, for cabaret or stage.
7.Supplied in jumbo sized playing cards.
8.No complicated memory work.
9.Needs only a little handling practice – you will learn it in one fun-packed evening!
Jumbo size cards are 14.5cm x 9.7cm.

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