Word Advancement - Mre

Word Advancement - Mre

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Practical stunning mentalism as featured by Eddie Burke.
Chu Thiemann’s effect Advancement is a marvellous mental routine one can perform anywhere-anytime using a borrowed pack of cards (you will find it on our website).

However, I wanted to use the same premise a few years ago using words rather than playing cards & Word Advancement is the routine I eventually featured!

You offer to explain the different ways that psychics, clairvoyants and you as a modern mentalist work.

Members of the audience are invited to write three different words on slips of paper and fold them with the writing inside. These are collected and if you wish maybe tipped into an unfaked glass goldfish bowl, and one paper freely chosen by a spectator.

First you demonstrate how a psychic might reveal a chosen word to the participant and you slowly reveal the word.

The second word you reveal in the manner of a clairvoyant ‘sensing your target’ under test conditions with a very surprising and amazing result.

The last and final word is revealed in the way of a modern mentalist bringing your routine to a very strong and stunning finish that is guaranteed to impress the hardest of audiences!

Please note;
•Word Advancement is suitable to perform for small & large audiences.
•Perfect to feature in your cabaret or stage act.
•No skill required save the skill of presentation.

Our highly recommended Word Advancement routine is fully explained in our Mr. 'E' booklet and is supplied with a certain something that makes it possible.

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