Lemonade - A4 size cards (Giant)

Lemonade - A4 size cards (Giant)

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Look no farther for a very refreshing trick! A single A4 laminated card is placed upon the table; it is your prediction. Three more laminated pictures are given to a spectator to freely examine, one is a picture of a LEMON, the second is a picture of an APPLE and the third is a picture of a BANANA.

Could you really control your spectator’s mind? We shall see.

The spectator chooses one of the pictures for themselves, a second picture is given to you and the third picture is placed into a bag.

Your prediction is now turned over (no exchange) and read out loud and it exactly predicts the spectator’s actions as to which picture they placed where. Then follows a terrific unexpected climax! Incredible mind control is clearly at work.

Lemonade is based on our popular close-up item Cat in the Bag and is a fantastic effect with a terrific method that we won’t reveal here; sufficient to say with its new climax it truly will knock even magicians who have seen everything clean off their feet with total bewilderment!

Available in A4 or A5 sized cards suitable for stage, cabaret or parlour performances.

Very easy to do. Everything can be examined, reset in a moment. Only one prediction is used and is always correct.

Comes complete with laminated A4 sized picture cards & instructions.

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