Psychic Vase

Psychic Vase

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An unusual and novel prediction effect that is ideal as an opener for your mental act or your walkabout work. Effects using an invisible theme are always popular with lay audiences and performers alike. Psychic Vase is no exception. It has the audience’s interest right from the very start which is why it is ideal to open your new mental act or as the perfect approach when performing table or walkabout mentalism.

You introduce three ‘invisible vases’ each a different colour, let's say red, yellow and blue. One, you claim, is a highly valuable Wedgwood vase and the other two are rejects. A spectator using their natural ‘psychic powers’ names one of the colours as NOT being the valuable vase.

This rejected ‘invisible vase’ is smashed to pieces with a hammer blow. Note: This always gets a terrific audience reaction, as while the ‘vase’ being broken is ‘invisible’ the spectators clearly hear the vase being broken or shattered to pieces!

A second spectator now chooses another reject vase and this is also shattered, complete with all the sound effects.

Let’s say you are left with the ‘red vase’ still intact. Any spectator takes a small envelope that has been in full view popping out of your top breast pocket, from which they take out a folded piece of paper. Boldly written on the paper are the words: 'Thank you for not destroying the RED Wedgwood vase – it cost me one thousand invisible pounds! Eddie Burke.' You of course substitute your own name here, unless you wish to give me the credit for performing such an outstanding and entertaining effect!

Several variations to the above are also given including one routine in which the spectators discover for themselves the exact cost of the "invisible Wedgwood vase".

Psychic Vase plays really big but you carry very little in the way of props. Easy to do, you just have to present the terrific routine!

Special something and full entertaining routine supplied for this smashing effect!

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