Flash Card Prediction - mre

Flash Card Prediction - mre

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You display an envelope in which you claim you have a single jumbo playing card, explaining that this is your prediction of a card a spectator will select!

A spectator is asked to choose a card from your regular pack of fifty-two but when the prediction is shown it is completely the wrong card that you show.

Apologising, you ask the spectator if the chosen card is bigger than the one you are showing and when they acknowledge this to be correct you ask them to name their card.

They reply the King of Clubs and immediately your jumbo card changes into a giant replica of the King of Clubs as you quip, “Is that big enough for you?!”

The sudden change of both the value and size of the jumbo prediction card always creates much laughter and applause even from the hardest of audiences and yet the effect is very easy to do.

Comes with the special growing & changing card, envelope & instructions. Use your own regular pack of playing cards.

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