B' Word-A-Ring

B' Word-A-Ring

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Hand out a sealed envelope for safekeeping to any audience member. This, you say, contains your prediction.

You then show a small white ring or a Polo Mint; the small white mint with a hole in its centre, and have it examined.

Any spectator opens a book at any page containing dozens of printed words. The ring is allowed to slide over the freely selected page under the spectator’s control.

At anytime the participant can stop the ring’s journey around the page, and then a spectator reads out a word in the centre hole of the ring/Polo Mint.

Your prediction envelope is open by anyone and a large sheet of folded paper is removed – incredibly you have predicted the very word chosen under such fair conditions!

Do it anywhere at any time. Use your own Polo Mints and your own or a borrowed book. Really easy to do.

B’Word-A-Ring is ideal for close-up, cabaret or stage performances.

Comes with a few of the small white rings and full easy-to-follow instructions in our Mr. E booklet.

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