Elusive Lady

Elusive Lady

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Elusive Lady is an enjoyable effect to entertain all ages from three to one hundred and three years old.

Ideal for magicians, compeers and comedians performing close-up, cabaret, parlour or small stage!

You patter about how magicians place a lady inside a cabinet and then cause her to disappear and tonight you will perform that very effect but with two pictures, one of an attractive young woman dressed in a bright red gown and another of a magician sitting crossed legged on the floor, using an A5 window envelope as the cabinet.

Both pictures are slipped into the envelope and can be seen through the window, quick as a flash the lady has gone without a trace, leaving just the magician and a card with a large flash on it and they are both removed from the envelope which is obviously empty.

But the audience suspect that you have just turned the lady card over and some may tell you so, so you offer to show the opposite side when they will know where the lady has gone!

Imagine their amazement when you turn the card over and the opposite side shows a sign saying ‘OUT TO LUNCH’.

We also include an extra card as an alternative finish with a sign saying 'Gone Shopping'.

Both the cards can now be examined by the audience if you wish; without a clue to where the elusive lady has gone!

The methodology is very easy to do but thoroughly baffling to your audience.

Cards are approx A5 Jumbo size nicely printed pictures and laminated for long life & comes complete with instructions all ready for you to perform at your very next show.

Packs flat in the bottom of your bag and perfect for presenting between those larger effects or as an opener to your show.

Reset in seconds and a sure fire applause puller.

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