Colouring In Competition - A4 GIANT Size

Colouring In Competition - A4 GIANT Size

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Magic colouring is a top favourite with children’s entertainers worldwide. Here we offer a routine that is double the fun and double the magic – the children love it!

You show two black & white pictures of your magic teddy bear pulling a rabbit out of a hat and you then propose a magic colouring in competition with the children. Your picture is placed into a large window envelope and you run around frantically with an invisible painting brush taking colours off curtains, clothing etc and flicking it in the direction of the picture. When your picture is eventually shown it is just a mess of different coloured paint splashes over the picture.

Can the children do any better with their magic painting, you bet they can! They take colours off their own clothing with their invisible magic painting brushes and carefully paint in the air and then they blow or magic it across to their picture. A magic word is said and the children’s picture is shown properly painted in full colour – you are so amazed and proud of what they have done that you intend to take it home with you and hang it on your wall to remind you of what a clever and artistic group they are!

During the routine you can bring in all the usual painting gags, funny magic wands, breaking fans to set the paint etc; you will easily get ten minutes or so of good fun – and the magic part is so very easy-to-do!

Colouring In Competition is available in two sizes: A5 Jumbo size cards for parlour & small audiences or A4 Giant size for larger audiences, arrives complete & ready for you to perform.

Comes with four laminated picture cards, two black & white, one with different coloured paint splashes and one painted in full colour, two magic changing envelopes & instructions.

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