Pyramid Mystery

Pyramid Mystery

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Come with Mr. E and learn the fascinating secrets of a strange ancient effect seldom seen performed for many years!

Two A5 size laminated folders representing two pyramids from ancient Egypt are shown to be empty. Into each one of these is placed a picture of ancient soldiers looking for adventure.

You tell an unusual story in which the soldiers steal five sheep from a local farmer dividing them among themselves and hiding their spoils inside the two pyramids.

Unfortunately the local police become involved and insist that they are shown what is hiding inside the pyramids which are now opened for all the audience to see.

All is well, however, as mysteriously the five missing sheep are found safely sheltering inside one pyramid while the two soldiers are both together inside the other pyramid. The two pyramids can be examined. A most baffling outcome!

This is an updated version of the Farmers & Sheep trick but with colourful laminated pictures (size approx 4 x 5.5 inches) and a logical line of patter concerning the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

The effect is both puzzling & captivating to your audience and yet very easy to perform. Pyramid Mystery is an intriguing effect for your table magic, close-up, parlour and other small audiences. Everything packs flat in your briefcase and makes a colourful & interesting display wherever you perform it.

While the basic method is easy to do we have improved the working to make it even more baffling to other magicians and your audiences, teachers, lecturers, religious instructors and educationalists will take a delight in performing this for their students.

Everything is supplied so that you can present this fantastic effect without delay!

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