Blind Sight

Blind Sight

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Not to be confused with Blindsight by Devin Knight.

Effect number 1: Three poker chips ($10, $50, $100) are placed face down and a spectator freely switches their positions and then while your back is turned, places one into a small brass box and places on the lid. The two chips that are left the spectator holds one in each of their hands.

Turning around you are immediately able to correctly reveal which chip is in each hand and finally the one that has been placed face down into the box.

Effect number 2: You show three envelopes each which contains several coins. The first contains 3x$1 coins. The second 5x5cent coins and the third 8x1cent coins. All the envelopes are about the same weight.

While your back is turned any spectator selects an envelope and slips the coins inside it into the brass box and places on the lid. The box is now sealed inside the envelope. The two lots of coins that are left are now held in the spectators left and right hands respectively.

Without opening the envelope you can immediately tell which coins are in the box and which coins are in each of the spectators hands!

A real baffler that you will really enjoy performing.

Comes comes complete with the brass box, three poker chips & instructions.

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