Floral Impressions

Floral Impressions

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A charming mental effect with an extra-strong appeal for the ladies in your audience!

You show three A5 laminated pictures of different flowers which are then sealed into three empty envelopes which you shuffle and mix so that no one knows which envelope contains which bloom.

Three ladies in the audience are invite to use their feminine intuition and give their impression of which flower is concealed in which envelope, the results of their guesses are then written on the front of each envelope.

When the envelopes are opened and the flower picture inside are checked the ladies' impressions are prove to be 100% correct.

One of the ladies or another lady that is present selects one of the blooms for a second test of telepathy between you and this lady, you explain that you are mentally transmitting one of the flowers from your mind to the lady’s mind, a choice of flower is made and your prediction is shown to exactly match the lady’s choice!

Floral Impressions is suitable for your stand-up work, television, table-hopping, cabaret and even children’s shows.

Loosely based on the popular effect ESP Remote Viewing sold by us for many years, comes complete & ready for you to perform, together with the routine and full instructions. It is very easy to do.

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