Shopping Spree II

Shopping Spree II

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It is a few years ago now that we first put out our popular effect Shopping Spree & it was an instant hit in your adults shows.

Shopping Spree II is our latest entertaining version suitable to both your adults & children’s shows, making it an even more versatile effect in your repertoire!

•A large prediction folder is left in full view of the audience and the performer never touches it or even goes near it again.

•Two audience members form a three-figure number in a very fair and open manner to represent the amount of money that the lady or birthday child will spend on a shopping spree.

•The lucky lady also uses a number to select an item from a long list of everyday food items, which is in full view at all times. There is only one list used – honestly!

•When the prediction folder is opened you show a giant A4 bar-code and claim that this is a prediction of the cost of the lady’s selected food item – a certain laugh, and there’s more…

•The participant announces their chosen item and the other two participants announce the retail price they have formed for that item. The large bar-code is immediately turned over and on the back is both the name of the chosen food item and the chosen price correctly predicted in big bold permanent letters.

•A carrier bag, which has been in full view throughout the effect, is now opened and shown to contain the very same selected food item, also boldly marked with the exact price you have predicted! You can present this as a gift to the participant.

•Supplied complete with number cards, shopping list & bar-code all laminated for long life; together with the card folder. Supply your own food item which can be varied at repeat performances.

Shopping Spree II’s gifts are suitable for both children & adults so you can safely feature this in your children or adults shows!

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