Enchanted Kiss - A6 Close-up Model

Enchanted Kiss - A6 Close-up Model

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Enchanted Kiss is splendid children’s & family audience effect. Perfect for the close-up entertainer, using a baffling method that is easy to do and quickly re-set.

You show ten face down colourful laminated A5 cards each with a picture of a forest on their backs (and only ten are used – no extras). You explain that this is an enchanted wood that has grown around a sleeping princess, who is waiting to be woken with a kiss by a handsome Prince. Both are lost in the forest and the children must find them by magic!

Two spectators, children or adults, each select a different card by chance and these are shown faces to the audience alongside each other where it is seen that one is the colourful picture of the beautiful Princess and the other the equally handsome Prince

However, the audience suspect that the remaining eight could also have pictures of princes and princesses; in other words you have ten cards that have all the same pictures upon them.

As if reluctantly, you admit that the cards you are left with are all the same and these cards are now all turned faces upwards to show that this is true, but when you show them they do NOT match the two chosen pictures.

All these eight cards are pictures of frogs who the Princess has been avoiding their kisses until the children worked their magic.

Incredibly, the participants have chosen the two odd prince & princess pictures out of the packet of ten!

All ten cards can now be left for the audience to examine to their hearts’ content as none are fakes.

Enchanted Kiss is always ready to perform, no matter what the occasion, it is also easy-to-do! Comes complete with the ten A6 laminated picture cards together with full instructions & the charming entertaining routine.

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