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Imagine this, you go to your friend's house and ask him to merely think of any playing card but not to announce it.

You then ask your friend for a deck of cards. You DO NOT TOUCH the cards at any time. You now ask your friend to remove the card he is thinking of from the deck. The remainder of the pack is placed upon a table.

Ask your friend to keep the back of the card towards you at all times. Now, ask your friend to concentrate and stare intently at the face of their card. You now pick up a pad and marker pen and you explain to your friend that you are going to try to pick up their "psychic vibrations".

After a few seconds you proceed to write down something on your pad. You now ask your friend to name their card. You turn the pad around and written on the pad is their card!

Cards are not marked, remember the cards are borrowed, no nail writers, no questions are asked, no forces, no fishing. The effect truly is incredible!

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