Traffic Light Colours

Traffic Light Colours

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Three large cards (approx 5.75" x 7.75") are shown fully back & front, each has a large spot representing the colours of the well-known Traffic Light Signals.

The children will soon learn what each colour means when you displayed them individually, and will love calling this information out as you show each one. The cards are placed one by one into a simple unfaked empty folder.

Offering to check the children’s memory you take out the Red spot and the children call out that it represents “STOP”.

Next you remove the Amber spot and the children call out “READY” or “PAY ATTENTION”.

Only one colour left in the folder and you ask everyone to call this colour out and they all call “GREEN” and what is green for “Green is for GO”.

Everyone says a magic word and you open the folder and show that it only contains one last card the magic has worked – when the children shouted GO – the spot has GONE! It is now seen that the Green spot is missing – instead in big bold letters on the card is the word GONE!

Naturally they all want to see the opposite side of the card and following some ‘Turn it around’ fun – you show the opposite side with still no sign of the green spot but containing the slogan in bold colourful letters That’s MAGIC!

The missing green spot can be magically reproduced if you so wish.

We also include an extra card showing the little Red and Green man instead of words for the climax making it suitable for very young children & international performance.

Plays BIG but takes up no room in your bag. Resets in a second and if you wish you could carry it in your pocket.

Comes complete with the laminated cards, folder, suggested routine & instructions.

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