Cutting Thru' a Lady

Cutting Thru' a Lady

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How many times have you been asked “Can you cut a lady in halves?” well now you can answer “Yes and I will show you right now!”

So saying you take from your pocket your “Pocket showgirl”, a laminated picture of a beautiful blonde showgirl in her costume together with a feathered headdress. (Size approx 7.5 inches by 3.5 inches).

First you explain that she has to be placed into a cabinet and for this you take an old envelope from your pocket, seal it and cut off both ends to form a tube through which the Showgirl is inserted with her feet protruding at one end and her head with feathers showing at the opposite end.

No saw is required, instead a pair of scissors which may be borrowed are used and you cut right through the centre of the envelope, clearly the showgirl must be cut into halves.

A magic gestured and the halves of the cut envelope are peeled off the girl and she is seen to be magically restored and looking just as glamorous as ever! Everyone will want to examine her which they can do so as much as they wish without a clue to your mystery.

Very easy to do and no skill is required; the perfect mini-illusion for both your close-up & walkabout performances. The pocket Showgirl picture will fit easily into your inside jacket pocket & is all ready to entertain your audiences anywhere, anytime.

Comes complete with the glamorous showgirl picture & instructions, use your own envelope and scissors.

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