Santa's Christmas Jingles - Giant size -Mre

Santa's Christmas Jingles - Giant size -Mre

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Children love to sing Christmas songs at any time of the year; which is why this effect will be a hit in your shows all year around!

You tell a sad story about a family who were so poor that they couldn’t afford presents or even a tree to decorate at Christmas.

Never mind, you will cheer them up by singing a Christmas Song. You take out your first laminate song card with a colourful picture of Jingle Bells on it and start to sing “Jingle Smells, Jingle Smells” The children soon tell you that you are singing the wrong words so you let them sing it for your instead. The Bells card goes into an empty folder.

Your next card show Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer & you sing “Rudolf the Red Nosed Elephant” Again the children object and sing the song correctly for you. That card also goes into the folder.

The third card is a picture of Santa himself – so you sing “When Santa got stuck in the saucepan, he began to shout!” More fun as the children corrects you and of course sing the proper words. That card also goes into the file. An alternate Santa picture is also supplied if you want to use an alternative Santa song!

Eventually the picture of Santa vanishes and only the Christmas Bells and the Rudolph pictures are removed from the folder. However, the children are suspicious and demand you open the folder to show what is concealed inside.

Finally, you open the folder to show a laminated card with Santa’s Elves picture and a message on it saying Ho-Ho-Ho. But the children are not to be fooled and demand that you turn the card around so they can see what is on the opposite side. Now is the chance for more fun as you turn the card this way and that but never showing the back.

However you get their message and show them the rear of the card, which proves to be a colourful picture of a decorated Christmas tree with lots of wrapped presents around its base and the words Merry Christmas, that Santa has left for the poor family on behalf of all the kind children in the world, bringing the effect to an applause pulling climax!

Supplied complete in two sizes of laminated card: Jumbo Size (approx A5) and Giant Size (approx A4) plus full instructions & routine. Easy to do!

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