Stripes Blow Blendo - Odd Bin

Stripes Blow Blendo - Odd Bin

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Two small silks, one red and one white, are tucked into a metal tube.

You blow through the tube and a large red & white striped silk flies out!

The silk can be freely displayed, and the tube shown clearly empty. Both items can be handed over for examination.

You can also use this special metal "dyeing" tube with your own silks for other routines.

You could insert two or three small silks and transform them into your National Flag. Or a picture message silk that says Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas or Good Night.

Why not insert a white silk and then take a sip from a coloured liquid (like raspberry soda) before you blow, and the white silk is transformed into red.

Or use it with our Card Silks Set (see elsewhere on our website) as a novel way of revealing a spectator's chosen card.

You will soon be visualising many other possible presentations with this useful and very practical apparatus.

The metal tube is approx. 5.5 inches long (14 cms).

Supplied complete with the red, white and striped silks, tube and instructions all ready for you to perform in your next show!

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