Len Belcher's Mind Control (close-up version)

Len Belcher's Mind Control (close-up version)

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You display a laminated card on which can be clearly seen three triangles (or circles) each a different colour; these are red, blue and yellow.

Taking a pen from your pocket you fold and fasten a banknote into the pen’s clip where it can be seen at all times. You propose an experiment in “mind control” – if you fail the spectator wins the banknote.

Holding the pen by its tip and with the banknote in full view you slowly tap each of the coloured triangles in turn. The spectator is instructed to call out and stop you on any one of the three colours, red, yellow or blue.

Your prediction has been on full view at all times – when this is read out aloud you have successfully ‘controlled’ the spectator to stop you at your predicted colour!

Please note:
*Only the three objects are used these are the single card, pen and banknote.
*Really easy to do.
*Large enough for cabaret and small audiences but absolutely ideal for walkabout and close-up work.

Supplied complete and ready to work except for the banknote (use any paper currency).

Only £7.99

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