Flat Cannon Ball

Flat Cannon Ball

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The performer states that he is a world-famous daredevil who catches cannon balls in a circus. He offers to demonstrate but unfortunately, due to airline restrictions, he could not bring his real cannon with him today.

But he claims to have the next best thing; a piece of paper with a picture of a cannon. He states that this ‘flat’ cannon requires special ammunition: a flat cannon ball of course!

The cannon card is shown, even examined, front & back, as is the flat cannon ball. The card is folded into a flat tube, then the performer slides the flat cannon ball inside. He mimics lighting the fuse as a spectator provides a drum roll and a “Boom” sound effect.

The cannon ball shoots from the cannon and the ‘daredevil’ catches it without injury! The flat cannon and flat cannon ball are examined.

The fun comedy routine that can be performed anywhere, any time! Carry in your pocket for a quick & funny miracle, an unusual trick guaranteed never to fall flat!

Comes with the glossy, heavy stock Cannon Cards for both left & right-handed performers, two Cannon Balls and photo illustrated instructions.

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