Money Magnet

Money Magnet

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Imagine a magnet that can attract money to you like magic!
That is the original concept of this wonderful walkabout and close-up miracle. Ideal for discriminating, intelligent corporate gatherings.

You show sixteen cards, each has a bag of money printed on one side. Eight cards show the £ sign and the other eight the $ sign. All the cards are in full colour and are laminated for long wear.

The cards are mixed and any spectator chooses eight of them, face downwards. Please note: they really do have a free choice – no force. You are left with the other eight cards and the spectator is given the choice of ‘Odds or evens’.

You each turn a card over from your respective piles. If the cards are, ‘even’ (i.e. two of a kind) the spectator wins them both. If the cards are, ‘Odd’ (i.e. they don’t match) they are yours.

Incredibly and, despite the fact they had a perfectly free choice of cards, you win all the money thanks to your ‘Lucky Money Magnet’ (or lucky charm).

Entirely self-working and very easy to do.

No skill or sleight of hand is used. The cards are completely unfaked and can be examined. No extra cards are used. Reset in a moment.

Comes complete with all the cards, money magnet and full instructions.

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