ESP Opener - Mre

ESP Opener - Mre

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The perfect ESP opening effect for those performers who always like to be prepared – just drop these six jumbo ESP cards into your bag and you have a perform-anywhere miracle that is always ready

Nothing else is used except the six jumbo ESP cards each with a different ESP symbol on it.

Show the six cards individually and mix them together until an audience member calls you to stop. Now ask a spectator to name any one of the six signs, they really do have a free choice, and no force is required.

No one need even to leave their seat, they simply call out loud which one of the signs they prefer and can even change their mind.

Now show the backs of the five jumbo cards NOT chosen, to prove that these are eliminated.

Turn over their chosen card and they will be astounded to find that you have predicted that very one they have so very freely selected!

ESP Opener is a time-tested pleaser that is very straightforward.

Nothing else is used except the six jumbo cards and you use no prediction papers, wallets, pens, extra cards or flaps – it is all simple and self-contained in the six jumbo cards that we supply together with the clever secret, they can be yours to perform for an unbelievably low price.

We consider this to be one of the very best cabaret or stage mental effects EVER!

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