Direct Vision Clip Board (Mr.'E')

Direct Vision Clip Board (Mr.'E')

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The working Mentalist's best friend! Once you have purchased the subtle secret of this superb Direct Vision Clip Board, you will never have to purchase another one ever, and that’s a fact!

Over the years I have experimented with just about every clipboard on the magical market. The sheer simplicity of the Direct Vision Clip Board had instant appeal.

Its main features being:
·Instant access of the information without having to leave the performance area.
·No traps, flaps or anything similar to open, operate or peek under.
·The secret information is in bold black print – no eyestrain trying to read what it says!
·Arrive into any town and after a quick visit to a couple of local shops, make two or three of these boards with just half an hour’s work – anywhere in the civilized world. No special tools or equipment required. No special manufacturing skills needed. An eight-year-old child could probably do it.
·100% certain in operation, no hit and miss.
·Use it to secretly obtain a copy of numbers, questions, dates, colours, drawings and almost anything that can be written down on a sheet of paper.

Remember, you only have to buy this information once – it is supplied complete with a ready-to-use Direct Vision Clip Board and this will last you a lifetime or make up extra ones for yourself and magical friends in a matter of minutes.

A lifetime’s investment for any magician or mentalist!

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