NeWay Six-Card Repeat

NeWay Six-Card Repeat

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Stand back – the miracle is about to happen when you perform this New Way version of the classic magical effect Six-Card Repeat WITHOUT pockets or flaps in the cards, and without sleight of hand!

You count six playing cards showing them FRONT & BACK, you throw three away and you still have SIX left.

Repeat it again; count six playing cards showing front and back – throw three away and count them to show you still have SIX left.

Just for good measure do it again – count six, discard three and still have six left and toss these cards into the audience to be examined!

Can also be presented as a close-up version of the Five-Card Repeat!

No skill or sleight of hand required. No pockets, half cards or flaps, no roughed cards or sticky stuff, rubber cement, short, long, narrow or wide cards! Dead easy to do.

Comes with regular sized quality poker Bicycle cards & instructions.

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