Envelopes of Chance

Envelopes of Chance

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If you are looking for good fun and entertainment in your magic or mentalism shows then this is definitely for you!

Show a genuine banknote and in full view of your audience, seal it into a regular sized and examined envelope. Two further envelopes that each contains only a folded sheet of paper are also sealed. The three envelopes in turn are placed into three shown, empty larger envelopes. These each have the words ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ printed on alternative sides.

In a hilarious routine (that may also be used as a running gag throughout your show) two audience members each pick out an envelope that they feel may contain the banknote.

There is just loads of fun with the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ theme at this point – taking this effect far beyond the usual ‘Just Chance’!

At the finish you, the performer, end up with the banknote while the two participating spectators each end up with notes of a less valuable kind.

You may have purchased a ‘Just Chance’ routine previously, but there is just nothing on the market that is as entertaining and easy-to-do than Envelopes of Chance.

Please note the following:
*No skill is required except the skill of presentation.
*The banknote is NOT loaded in later!
*No thumb tips, trays or similar are required.
*Can be performed under almost any conditions close-up, cabaret or stage.
*Ideal as a running theme throughout your performance or use it as a single programme item just as you prefer.

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