Gypsy Rose Knows - Mr E - Updated

Gypsy Rose Knows - Mr E - Updated

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You show a laminated A4 size picture of beautiful Gypsy Rose with the bottom half of the picture concealed inside an open topped envelope, explaining that she gives intriguing readings and can see into the future.

You then ask three volunteers to each select a playing card from your pack using Numerology at which Gypsy Rose is an expert practitioner.

You ask the volunteers to each name their card out loud and enquire if they would be surprised if the three cards just named were all on Gypsy Rose’s picture.

You remove the picture showing all 52 cards of the pack and point out the cards just named are all present.

The audience laughs at how easily they have been fooled but you stun them all by turning the picture around and then they see all three of the selected cards just named on the opposite side of the picture!

We also supply an alternative A4 Gypsy Rose laminated card showing just a single seven of Diamonds on the opposite side; for when you wish to present a shorter version.

This is both an amusing and amazing adaptation of the well known "52-on-One" gag but with a superb and baffling climax.

*You will love the method explained of forcing the three playing cards using your own or a borrowed pack.

*You can present this entertaining and commercial effect anywhere – cabaret, stage, parlour or close-up. It is perfect for walkabout situations and you just love performing it

*Very easy to do with a wonderful visual impact.
*A lovely ice-breaker that will put those important laughs in your show!

Comes with the special A4 laminated picture card, extra single picture card (Seven of Diamonds) & instructions.

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