Tarot PENchant

Tarot PENchant

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Mental type mysteries with Tarot cards are always popular, especially with women. This is one of the most effective and yet easy-to-do items that I have used and I release it here for the very first time.

You show a single Tarot card that is placed to one side as your prediction. A further twelve Tarot cards are mixed by a member of your audience and laid out haphazardly face downwards.

In the entertaining routine that follows eleven of these cards are eliminated by the participant leaving just one single card. This card exactly matches your prediction! During the elimination process the participant has been using a regular pen to indicate the various cards. You now invite her to read out the message permanently printed on the pen – it invites them to look at the discarded eleven cards, this they do.

Imagine her absolute amazement when she discovers these eleven cards are exact duplicates of each other – but totally different in both suit and value to the card she selected!

Not only have you correctly predicted their chosen card but also you have mysteriously ‘controlled’ their mind to select the odd card out in the two rows of twelve cards. It is simply mind stunning!
*Only twelve cards are used – plus the prediction card.
*All the cards and the pen can be examined.
*No get-ready is required.

Supplied complete with all the cards, pen and full instructions. You will always be ready to perform Tarot PENchant anywhere at anytime. Ideal for close-up or small audiences.

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