Adair's See-Through Card Penetration

Adair's See-Through Card Penetration

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Visual magic that can be carried in the pocket and be performed close-up with no get ready are a rare bird indeed. This is one that Ian Adair has let out of his cage so that you can fly away to success!

A clear acetate folder is shown and a spectator invited to feel the centre to ensure it has no openings. The folder is folded in half.

A playing card (any card) is then placed between both sections of the folder and pushed downwards.

To their complete and utter amazement the spectators clearly see the card penetrating right through the solid acetate material and coming out at the base!

You open the folder and show that it is solid.

Patter about Harry Houdini the famous escape artiste escaping from a prison cell; and demonstrate how he seemed to pass mysteriously through the walls of his cell!

Comes complete with all requirements and full instructions. Easy to do. Great magic that is designed to become a classic!

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