Wand from Bag or Purse

Wand from Bag or Purse

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The performer displays a small bag or purse about 6" wide. He says the bag can carry all his props.

After removing a few silks, sponge balls, spring flowers and so forth, he starts pulling out a large Magic Wand.

To the amazement of your audience it seems to grow bigger and bigger - it seems impossible that the huge wand, some three feet in length, could possibly fit into the small 6" bag.

The wand is tapped on the table and displayed all around as a "solid" Wand!

You could use it as a Giant Wand for your other effects as a gag prop.

Eddie Takes a mini wand from the purse complaining it is too small. Mini wand is placed back and the end of an ordinary drinking straw is placed into the purse, saying he will blow the wand up into a bigger one.

After much blowing encouraged by the children; out comes the Giant wand to everyone's laughter and amazement. It's a great bit of magical fun!

Comes complete with the special wand, bag and full instructions for use.

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