Tell O' Clock

Tell O' Clock

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A small box with a sliding door is introduced. When the lid is slid down, the face of a clock can be seen inside.

A spectator is asked to mentally select any hour between 1 and 12. After the selection has been made the spectator is instructed to rotate the hand to show the selected time and close the cover of the clock.

This is done while the performer's back is turned, the performer can even be out of the room.

The performer turns around and immediately announces the exact time the clock was set to! The performer never even touches the clock...

The clock is the perfect size to carry in your pocket and perform anywhere. No preparation is required as the clock is always ready.

This magic trick is astounding and is very easy to perform!

Comes complete with the special magical clock (2.25" x 3.5" & 1/2" thick) and full instructions.

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