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Eighteen cards are each shown to have a different name of an everyday item boldly printed upon it. The cards are dealt into three lines of six cards to each row. Three objects are borrowed from audience members.

Anyone mixes the first row of cards. This spectator chooses one of the six cards and lays one of the objects on it.

Another spectator chooses a card in the second row and places another object upon it.

A third spectator mixes up the last six cards and places a third object on to any one of the cards.

The cards NOT selected are gathered and freely shown to all have the names of different articles on them. The climax knocks everyone for six – for when the three chosen cards are turned over by any spectator – each and every one of them correctly matches the borrowed object that has been placed upon it exactly!

A thoroughly baffling mystery that is easy to do!
*Ideal for close-up work – resets in a moment.
*No one-ahead or similar is used. Baffles the keenest of minds!
*All eighteen cards are different, no duplicates.
*Two other equally puzzling effects can be performed using the cards that we supply. Close-up mentalism at its very best!

Laminated cards & clear instructions are supplied so that you are all ready to perform this baffler straight away.

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