Swami Gimmick - Under-nail Writer

Swami Gimmick - Under-nail Writer

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One of the best gimmicks ever created for predictions is the Swami or Under-nail Writer.

Theoretically, the sky is the limit with such an item as it allows you to secretly make a "prediction" long after it is supposed to have been made and after the outcome of the event predicted is known to you!

With just a modest amount of practice it is possible to produce mind-boggling effects with this simple gimmick.

This is adjustable made of flesh-colour painted brass, to fit all thumbs and take various sizes of lead. Supplied pre-fitted with lead, but you can refit it with your own size lead if you wish.

Two Swami Gimmicks supplied (each 12mm long) without instructions.

Please also see Swami Gimmick with Book on this website.

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