Colour Changing Blooming Flower

Colour Changing Blooming Flower

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A delightful trick for both children and adults alike, now we present a NEW and highly visual version that can be performed at any time during your magic act.

While holding a large feathered flower stem, a pretty flower slowly blooms at the very top and then, all of a sudden, the flower changes colour!

Before the colour change you can cause the flower to appear and disappear at will; for example appear to take it into your hand and then magically blow it back on to its stem.

You can also put the empty stalk under your arm while you look on the floor for the missing flower and as you turn your back, the children see that the flower has grown back on its stem but when you look it has gone once more.

Repeat this a few times and you will have your audience screaming with this comical situation, they can see the flower is back but you miss it every time!

Eventually your audience call the magic words as they wiggle their fingers mysteriously and the flower slowly grows back on the stem; however you say your girlfriend won't like the colour! More wiggling and magic words and the flower visually changes into the favourite colour.

Comes with the special Colour Changing Blooming Flower approx 14", (35.5cm) long, made of colourful feathers plus instructions.

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