Black Balled

Black Balled

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You pass out for examination a number of marbles, stones or balls & a paper bag. Nothing is faked in any way. Four of the balls are white and the odd fifth ball is black in colour. (Colours may vary).

All the balls are dropped inside the paper bag and this is freely shaken to mix up the balls.

Five spectators each take a ball from the bag holding them tightly clenched in their fist. They don’t look at these until the performer turns his head away.

Several entertaining presentations are now possible; lie detector, murder game, etc. No matter how you present this you can correctly identify which of the five spectators are holding white balls and which one is holding the black ball!

Eddie also explains a terrific routine using banknotes borrowed from audience members. You are able to identify not only which spectator secretly holds the highest value banknote but you are able to reveal the full number on this note as well.

Note the following points:
•Paper bag and balls/marbles/stones on not faked in any way. Use your own or you could use coloured balls, dice etc.
•No extra balls are switched in or switched out.
•Everything can be examined both before and after the effect, indeed at the finish everything is left in the spectator’s hands.
•Ideal for cabaret, stage, close-up or walkabout. No special preparation is required so always ready to perform.

Comes with instructions and four suggested routines: ‘Direct Mindreading.’ ‘How to Spot a Liar’ ‘Gambler’s Bluff’ & ‘Banknote Direct!’

All the routines are easy-to-do and have first class audience appeal!

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