Psychic Colours - Mr E close-up version

Psychic Colours - Mr E close-up version

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Please note this is now supplied with coloured small envelopes not stickers as in the video.

Here is an item that has stood the test of time, using simple props that are completely unfaked.

The basic trick is that you show three small different coloured envelopes, one RED, one WHITE and one BLUE together with six small cards two each of the same three colours.

While your back is turned or even with you out of the room a spectator slips one coloured card into each of the three envelopes in any order (but NOT in the same coloured envelope) and then lays them down upon a table.

You now turn back again or re-enter the room and please note the envelopes are all opaque, you genuinely do not know which coloured card is in which envelope.

Using your "Psychic powers" you now place a different colour-matching card onto each envelope.

Any spectator is can now open the envelopes to show the other coloured cards inside.

Incredibly you have placed your coloured cards onto the envelopes so that each of the the sets match 100%!

In an alternative presentation a spectator who also had their back turned can place the cards onto the envelopes with equal matching results.

A baffling and most intriguing mental mystery that defies any logical solution! Everything can be examined as only ordinary coloured cards and envelopes are used

Comes complete with three small coloured envelopes, six small matching coloured cards, three super routines & instructions.

Also available in stage size which you can feature in your club, cabaret or stage performances. See elsewhere on this website.

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