Baffling Bunnies

Baffling Bunnies

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Baffling Bunnies is the perfect close-up effect for table hopping and similar performances. It will appeal to both young children and adults alike.

You show some pictures of four bunny rabbits each a different colour White, Black, Brown and Blue counting them from hand to hand so that the audience can see the face of each one.

Your rabbits are also very good at doing magic and prove this by each one magically turning face down and then back up again in a most bewildering manner.

Next one rabbit is removed and placed face down on the table, the cards being counted to show the faces of the other three. However, magically the rabbit on the table appears back with the other three so you have four rabbits in your hands once more.

But what about the rabbit still face down on the table? An inquisitive spectator turns it over to find that this is a lettuce saved for the rabbits’ supper!

Now you ask if the audience can remember the colour of the backs on the rabbit cards and they answer “Red”; yes, you reply as you turn over each card in turn, they all have RED CARROTS on their backs which they are having for their dinner!

All five cards can now be left to be examined by the audience as no fake or extra cards are used in this charming close-up trick.

*Completes complete with cards & instructions ready for you to perform.
*Easy to do requiring just a little handling practice
*Cards are laminated to last you a lifetime.

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