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An intriguing effect featuring a murder, ten suspects and two spectators playing the part of master detectives!

You place in full view two prediction cards face down (no exchange) and then introduce pictures of ten suspects in a murder case; people like the Maid, the Butler, Solicitor and so forth; ten different characters in all.

Two spectators take part as your Master Detectives whose job it is to identify which two of the suspects have together committed the dastardly deed.

One detective uses his natural deductive powers to select his suspect and the other detective selects a second suspect purely by chance, both of these are laid side by side with your predictions.

Incredibly, when the detectives’ pictures are compared with yours, they match exactly, and the ghastly murder is resolved!

Now please note:
• All twelve pictures can be examined.
• No PATIO or Magician’s Choice force is used.
• No fake or extra cards are involved.
• Can be repeated with a change of prediction characters.
• No stooges, instant stooges or anything similar.
• Easy to do, no false counts or sleights.

Comes complete with fourteen A6 sized picture cards & instructions.

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