Crown Jewels Robbery - Mr E

Crown Jewels Robbery - Mr E

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Richard of Pudlicott also known as Dick Puddlecote, was an English merchant who, down on his luck, became the infamous burglar of King Edward I’s crown, held at Westminster Abbey, in 1303.

Ultimately most of the crown jewels were recovered and a dozen or so thieves were hanged, including Richard, but most escaped the executioner. This effect is loosely based on these facts.

You lay out six cards face down as you tell the story of the Great Robbery. You explain that one of the cards contains a picture of Edward’s Crown, while the other pictures are red herrings to try and confuse any would-be burglar who might attempt to steal the Crown.

A spectator invited on pain of death to try to locate which card has the Crown picture on it using a coin from their own pocket which they place on any one of the six faces down cards (no force).

All the other cards are now shown to be Beefeaters whose job it is to guard the Crown; yet when the spectator turns over the card underneath their coin they have successfully located Edward’s Crown in all its majestic glory!

The participant’s life is saved and as a reward the generous King will allow him to take his own coin back.

Please note: This works every time; the spectator’s coin always indicates where the Crown is and the other five cards are always shown to contain the Beefeaters!

Crown Jewel Robbery is unusual, highly entertaining & very easy to do. Comes complete with the laminated cards (3.5” x 2.5”) & instructions ready for you to perform straight away!

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