Four-Star Match - Close-up size

Four-Star Match - Close-up size

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You show a set of four playing cards one each of Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds in small size and duplicates to these cards in a larger size.

The large size cards are freely mixed and then placed face down either upon a table or on a display stand (not included).

The small cards are also mixed face down, by a spectator, who then hands them back to you in any order, other spectators then decide which of the small cards you will place with the larger cards & they can change their minds as often as they wish while this procedure is carried out to everyone’s satisfaction.

Each small card is then attached with a trombone style unfaked paperclip to the larger card as chosen by your spectators.

The likelihood of correctly matching all four playing cards as about one in five hundred, and yet amazingly that is exactly what has happened; when the large cards are turned around the audience will be overwhelmed to discover that they have correctly and successfully matched each & every small card to its larger sized mate!

A miracle type effect which will build your reputation as a true wonder worker of the highest order.

No sleight of hand, no one ahead, no secret moves – everything is performed in a clean and natural manner requiring no special skill except the skill of presentation.

Four-Star Match is supplied in two different sizes: Close-up size with regular Poker/Mini cards and Cabaret/Stage size with Jumbo/Poker size cards.

Comes complete with the small cards, paper-clips & instructions.

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