Fortune Teller's Prediction

Fortune Teller's Prediction

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The magician shows the audience a large, old, dog-eared envelope with a hand-written note attached.

He explains that he received this mysterious envelope from Lulu an Italian gypsy Fortune Teller who gave him a reading ten years ago.

He then requests a volunteer to whom he says, "Lulu told me that inside this envelope we will find her picture, holding the exact card that you'll select in a minute but if it doesn't work, don't blame me. It's her prediction and I've never ever opened this envelope. How's your Italian? Not so hot? Well, as Lulu knew no English, looks like I'm going to have to translate it for you."

Whilst translating Lulu's note the magician asks the volunteer to select a playing card. Finally, he opens the envelope and extracts Lulu's card. Showing only the top side of the card, he exposes Lulu holding all 52 cards of the pack in beautiful fans. As the audience laughs derisively, he turns the Mega-Card over to show Lulu now holding only the volunteer's card!

This trick is a wondrously illustrated version of the well known "52-on-One" principle.

You simply have to force a card. The fascination is in the entertaining story with the surprising PUNCH on the Mega-Card

Can be performed anywhere on stage or just in a sitting room, well suited to close-up conditions and high visual impact.

Amusing story that grabs audience attention and generates laughter. Suitable for trade-shows, corporate seminars, conferences, cabaret, TV and stage.

Cards are produced in accordance with highest quality standards. Printed on 2/8" thick PVC boards, matt laminated, with rounded corners like regular cards.
Instructions, including both routine & patter, are very easy to follow and master.

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