Adair's Gozinta Envelopes

Adair's Gozinta Envelopes

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An astounding illusion like the Gozinta (or In & Out) Boxes but performed with Red & Blue Envelopes.

The Magician removes a blue envelope from inside a red one.
He then places them on top of each other to show both are identical in size.

Then to the surprise of everyone he inserts the Red envelope into the Blue one!

This could make a novel way of presenting your favourite prediction effect or introducing your menu for a Magic Cooking routine. Many uses will suggest themselves to you when you own this fascinating effect.

Please note that our picture is somewhat distorted, the envelopes are more squarish in shape and not oblong as shown on our website.

Comes with the two special envelopes (4.2" x 4.4"), instructions & ideas for their use.

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