Burglar Shoot

Burglar Shoot

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The headline story in the Daily Mail dated 27-9-2012 read 'A Licence to Shoot Burglars'. Followed by the subheading: ‘It’s the chance you take, judge tells two raiders who were fired on by home-owner at an isolated cottage’.

Telling your audience the above true story you point out that by adopting this apparently lawful strategy it is possible that innocent visitors could be shot by a trigger-happy home-owner unless sensible home-owners used their natural psychic instincts; subconsciously picking up spoken & unspoken clues to their visitors’ intentions!

Explaining that any Tom, Dick or Harry could turn up at your door, you lay out three A2 size pictures of Tom, Dick & Harry explaining that two of them are indeed villainous burglars while one of them is just an innocent unsuspecting visitor. There are no visual clues as to which are which.

In the novel routine that follows a spectator is allowed to eliminate two of the pictures by shooting them with a virtual gun! There is no Equivoque or any other force used, they really do have a completely free choice and can eliminate any two of the three pictures in this manner.

The tension mounts; has their instinct lead them to occidentally shoot an innocent person or have they successfully protected their home from the evil burglars?

Only the performer’s prediction which has been in full view all the time will reveal the truth.

All is well, for when the prediction is read out loud by a spectator the burglars took their chances and were duly eliminated – while thanks to the spectator’s psychic instinct the Innocent Visitor is safe & well!

Comes complete with laminated pictures & instructions.

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