Sneaky Snake Wand

Sneaky Snake Wand

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Sneaky Snake Wand is a great comedy gag that will keep your audience of children in stitches.

The magician explains that there is a story going around that a snake has escaped and if the audience spot it they are to let you know.

He now introduces a jumbo wand and explains that when using it, you must be very careful. “Once when I waved the wand, a snake appeared, and I don’t like snakes!”

Suddenly a snake slowly slides out of the end of the magic wand. The children scream and point but before the magician looks, it quickly slides back into the wand.

The magician starts to talk once more and the snake slowly makes an appearance again. The children start screaming but the snake slips back inside unseen by the magician.

Needless to say the hapless Magician never spots the snake but the audience certainly do!

You can introduce the gag of putting the wand under your armpit and when you turn around the snake is showing behind your back, yet when you look it has gone again.

This is repeated and the excitement builds until the magician finally becomes startled by the snake and either introduces him as Sneaky your pet snake or alternatively hurriedly putting the wand away!

Comes with the special jumbo Wand(16.5" long by 1.5" diameter) hiding a spring Snake that slides in & out of one end of the Wand plus instructions for use.
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